About Ski Drift

Ski drifting is a technique used in skiing where a skier intentionally causes their skis to slide sideways, akin to drifting in car racing. It's not a traditional skiing method taught in most ski schools but rather a freestyle or advanced technique that some skiers use for fun or in specific types of skiing competitions.

To perform ski drifting, skiers typically adjust their body position and weight distribution to induce a controlled sideways slide. This can be done by shifting their weight and edging the skis in a way that causes them to lose grip momentarily and slide sideways across the snow.

Ski drifting requires good balance, precise control of edges, and an understanding of snow conditions. It's often seen in freestyle skiing events like slopestyle or in ski movies showcasing creative skiing styles. It adds a dynamic and stylish element to skiing, allowing for unique maneuvers and tricks on the slopes.

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